Jewish Community of Rhodes

Museum is now closed

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Sunday 21 July 2024

Museum is now closed

Guided Tours

We, at the synagogue of Rhodes, try to perpetuate the memory of the Jews of Rhodes by offering tours. We try to keep alive the spirit of the ancient Jewish Quarter that came to an end when Nazi Germany occupied the island of Rhodes and took away the Community, which shared the same tragic end as the six million Jews of Europe.

We offer the following tours:

Tour inside the Synagogue We do tours inside the Synagogue and Museum daily, except Saturdays.

Note: All the above types of tours start from the beginning of June until the end of October

If you plan to visit Rhodes, and you would like to share with us a little of our Jewish history, you may contact us by email at or call us at +30 22410 22364.

Some highlights from the Jewish quarter tour

A journey to the past of the old Jewish Quarter of Rhode, guided by Isaac Habib. Available for sale. Contact us at: [email protected]