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Plant a tree project

Tree planting project for the Cemetery in Rhodes

Planting a tree is a meaningful and traditional way in the Jewish faith to honor the memory of departed loved ones and honor them.

This year, the Jewish Community of Rhodes began the reforestation of our cemetery. Despite the immaculate maintenance of our cemetery, we thought that we could offer the descendants of Rhodes, the honor of planting a tree in memory of victims of the Rhodes Shoah, or simply in memory of a departed loved one.

Each planted tree will have a plaque mentioning the name (s) of the victims and the donor. In 2017, a first shrub was planted by Mrs. Giovanna Cohen honoring her father, Rahamim Cohen, who survived the extermination camps and died in 2009.

We, at the Jewish Community of Rhodes, are very enthusiastic about this project and pleased to offer this opportunity.

Anyone interested in participating in this “mitzvah” should contact:

Carmen Cohen

Jewish Community of Rhodes

Email: [email protected]